John Talley
House District 33

Welcome to the official campaign site for John Talley, candidate for Oklahoma House District 33, providing service and solutions for Oklahomans, today and tomorrow.

"People not Politics"
Being your representative has never been about the politics. I will always focus on the needs of the citizens
of OKHouse District 33. I look forward to continuing to work with and on behalf of all the communities of
this district. In order to create safe environments to live and learn and provide more educational and economic opportunities.
Focus on the Positive

Serving as your State Representative for Oklahoma House District 33 the last four years has been an honor and privilege. Servant leadership is not about pushing a particular agenda. Instead, it is listening closely to your needs and working with community leaders, city officials, farmers, business owners, teachers and for you and for every community I represent. It is about working together to find solutions to problems. Solutions that enrich our lives, provide for our safety, and financial stability, while preserving our freedoms and standing strong for our conservative values. 

I have been blessed over my two terms in office to work with some outstanding people across HD 33.

I look forward to another two years of representing the citizens of HD 33 and continuing to work on improving our communities and providing more opportunities for those that choose to live, work and invest in the communities across Payne County. Just like Caryl and I have for over 47 years.

Here is a list of just a few of the accomplishments we have achieved together:

At the Capitol Across HD33
Preserving our Second Amendment Rights and Protecting Right to LifeRepairs/improvements to Highway 18, 33 and 51
Additional County Funding - legislation allowing counties to accept federal relief funds without impacting their state funding. Assisting constituents and small business owners with issues like unemployment, loan assistance, utility assistance, and regulatory policies and procedures 
Establishment of State Medicaid programs - ensuring access to the Medicaid ActAssisting the City of Yale with budget and other fiscal issues 
Oklahoma Public Lands Resolution - emphasizes the importance lakes, rivers and wildlife have in our  state.Working with Ripley residents and city officials on infrastructure and fiscal accountability.
Sarah Stitt Act - better prepares prisoners who are leaving custody and rejoining society and the workforce.Working with oil and gas companies in Cushing with safety issues.
Co-chair of the North Central Oklahoma Redistricting SubcommitteeCreating gun safety courses for OSU students and other groups across HD 33. 
Meet John Talley



As your representative, I will focus on serving you. With your vote on June 26th, I will work at the Capitol to bring a to
state government. With a focus on and a we can build a brighter future.


I will be in every community of District 33, like I have been for more than 40 years. I can’t represent what you properly if I don’t know what you and your communities need to succeed. As your representative, my first job is to listen and have a conversation about the District 33 community from Cushing to Coyle, Yale to Ripley, and Stillwater to Perkins.


We must find a better plan which invests in our future. Investing in education and infrastructure provides a strong local workforce and builds more opportunities for better jobs and businesses. Consistent revenue and cutting waste and bad investment is key. Being fiscally responsible doesn’t just mean cutting, it also means finding better ways of bringing in revenue to the state and our communities and Oklahomans keeping more of their earnings in their pockets.


The rate at which we incarcerate people in Oklahoma is both immoral and fiscally irresponsible. I’ve seen it first-hand through my ministry visiting prisons across the state. Oklahoma currently spends more per prisoner than per pupil. True criminal justice reform will bring our prison system back to correcting criminal behavior. So nonviolent offenders become productive citizens and we keep violent offenders behind bars.


Representatives should be focused on who they represent. And the people we elect should reflect what is positive
about our state, its people. Rural Oklahomans are hard-working, trustworthy, and giving people. I grew up and live in
rural Oklahoma, and I want to represent rural Payne County.


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